Kumi Ko Sushi



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Choice of shrimp, mixed, vegetable, tofu, or calamari, lightly fried in a delicate batter
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Lightly fried Japanese beef dumplings with gyoza sauce
Soft shell crab20170626 17232 b4uh8v
Soft Shell Crab
Lightly fried soft shell crab served with ponzu sauce (prime size)
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Heart Attack
Lightly fried spicy tuna stuffed jalapeƱo with spicy creamy and eel sauce
Monkey Ball
Deep fried spicy crab meat and cream cheese stuffed mushrooms with spicy creamy and eel sauces (4pc)
Creamy Shrimp
Lightly fried shrimp with cream cheese wrapped in wonton skin, drizzled with eel sauce
Yummy Crispy
Fresh tuna mixed with tomato, masago, and spicy sauce served on two crispy wonton skin
Tofu Teriyaki
Deep fried tofu wrapped in potato starch with teriyaki sauce
Half Shell Oyster
1/2 Dozen Fresh oyster served with ponzu and spicy sauce
Steamed and salted edamame
Garlic edemame20170626 17700 13i1l42
Garlic Edamame
Salted edamame with olive oil, and garlic - optional (Spicy $1 Extra)

Japanese Tapas

Scallops Ceviche
Large scallops chopped with cilantro, onions, and tomato mixed with ponzu sauce
Salmon Avocado Wrap
Diced avocado, kaiware, and daikon wrapped in thinly sliced salmon (4 pcs)
Baked Half Shell Large Mussels With Ponzu
Baked in our house creamy sauce, topped with ponzu and massago (4 pcs)
Tuna Tataki Wrap
Stick crab meat, sprouts and cucumber wrapped with seared tuna, topped with our sesame ginger dressing
Spicy Sesame Tuna Balls
Deep fried sesame seed crusted spicy tuna, topped with spicy creamy sauce (2 pcs)
Fresh Salmon Salad Wrap
Salmon, daikon, beets, mint leaf, kaiware and asparagus wrapped in rice paper (8 pcs)
Sashimi Salad Wrap
Fresh tuna, salmon, Ono, albacore, Japanese mint leaf and asparagus, beets, and daikon wrapped in rice paper
English Cucumber Salmon Roll
Fresh salmon wrapped in English cucumber with capers
Kumiko Wrap
Shrimp, stick crab, daikon, beets, kaiware, Japanese mint leaf and spicy crab meat wrapped in rice paper with mildly spicy sesame ginger dressing and parsley sauce or sweet lemon parsley sauce (8 pcs)